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Company Introduction
Dalian Machine Tool Group was the founding of the Republic of China machine tool industry Eighteen one. From the late 1990s to just past the "15" period, Dalian Machine Tool Group has its own characteristics out of a integrated innovation, firm size, technological level, manufacturing capability and achieved rapid development, and the economy of the growing by leaps and bounds to become the country's largest combination of machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems and automation technology and equipment, complete sets of the R & D and manufacturing base in China's machine tool industry lines of business. 2000 to 2006, sales for seven consecutive years, ranking first in China's machine tool industry for 7 years, China's machine tool industry by sales revenue, NC output, export, four well-brand "Top Ten" enterprise; for 3 years into the top 500 Chinese enterprises; Dalian Machine Tool Group in 2004 produced DMTG brand CNC machine tools by China Famous Brand. 2006 machine tool industry in the world, ranked No. 8. Dalian Machine Tool Group is now under the command of a wholly owned, joint ventures, and equity holding in more than 40 subsidiaries, including Germany, Japan, Korea, the United States, Switzerland and other countries, eight joint ventures, acquisition of U.S. company Ingersoll 2 sub (full capital), mergers and acquisitions holding a German company, and have been in the past a single machine tool industry has an area of two square kilometers of today's modern new factory and "a center", "two bases", "a park" a variety of industries simultaneously, to go abroad to the global development of large industrial groups. The main products are: group plane and flexible manufacturing systems, vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and milling centers, high-speed precision lathes and machine tool accessories, automotive powertrain and transmission parts count more than 500 varieties. 50 years, Dalian Machine Tool Group products all over the country provinces and autonomous regions and exported to more than 100 countries and regions.
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